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AppEsteem update at the summit

Yesterday in Las Vegas we had the opportunity to present an update to the members and guests of I've attached a PDF version of the deck here so you can see what we're proud of, what we've done, and what we're going to focus on for 2020.

Three items are worth calling out:

  1. Our UwS Handling Certification Test has really helped to streamline our certification business and increase AV usage of our feeds. You can check out the final results of last year's test in the deck, or play with a year's worth of data here.
  2. We have a short list of trends that we're keeping an eye on, as decisions made could affect both our and our customers' business. These are listed toward the end of the presentation (look for the slide with binoculars).
  3. One of the benefits of our streamlined certification service is that our customers have been able to focus more time on making their apps more valuable. We believe that true consumer value is the most important ingredient of a clean and compliant app. We are happy that our customers are proud of the apps that they offer consumers... this is a huge step forward in the maturity of the software monetization industry.

We also included a few slides on our browser safety extension: If you're not using it yet, please take a look and see if the way we blur deceptive search results and ads helps improve your own internet vision!

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