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Streamlining our services

-- Janet Attar, Customer Success Manager

Last month we turned three, and it’s time to apply what we’ve learned from our customers to our offerings. This year we are eliminating some service plans, and we’re streamlining others. We believe these changes will be better for our customers as well as our security partners.

The first change is that we no longer offer “uncommitted” subscription pricing. The pricing is much better when customers commit, and although a few customers may have started uncommitted, they all quickly switched to committed. Our offerings have simplified to these three:

  • Premium Subscription (6 month minimum). 
  • Basic Subscription (6 moth minimum).
  • Individual Review (pay per review). 

The second change is replacing our add-on App Jail services with a built-in streamlined Detection Advisories feature that’s now part of all three of our offerings. We believe that this will be a huge benefit to both our customers and our security partners.

We’ve worked hard over the past three years to build up a great understanding of what the security vendors need, and we work hard to maintain this understanding as they continue to change their own requirements. Detection Advisories are what we’ll provide as part of each app review when we notice any “beyond certification” requirements that we already know will cause security vendors to block it. 

This new approach gives our customers valuable, proactive guidance. It also reduces the load on our security partners, as we will not request them to consider removing detections when we know that the app has outstanding Detection Advisories. In cases where a certified app is blocked after all Detection Advisories have been resolved, we will continue to work with our customers and our security partners to discover new actionable reasons.

Making Detection Advisories built into our three offerings makes it easier for us to provide reliable advice and get consistent answers back from the security vendors. We’ve adjusted our pricing to reflect this change for any new app submitted, and existing customer apps will be switched to the new pricing on July 1st.

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