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One hundred days later... our updated Vision and Plan

This week David Finn and I attended Affiliate Summit East in New York City. We met with prospective customers, secured commitments to participate in our pilot program, and spent time listening to what else AppEsteem could do to help clean up the software monetization ecosystem. It was great - we have more demand to join our pilot program than we can handle, and we have a better understanding of additional benefits we can offer our customers to help make the "safe" ecosystem financially rewarding.

Armed with this knowledge, our team updated the original plan Hong and I put in place back in April.

One hundred days later, our plan's got a lot more detail. We've made adjustments and worked on explaining our intentions more clearly. You can find the latest version (August 2016) at this link: Vision and Plan.

Our vision is simple, and I hope it resonates for you: Consumers have nothing to fear when installing and using free apps on their computing devices. We have a great plan to help make this happen, and we'd love to hear what you think about it. Please send me an email ([email protected]) if you have ideas for improving or correcting it.

-- Dennis and the amazing AppEsteem team

BTW: As you might imagine, some of us were concerned with putting our plans online. Would that drive others to compete with us? Would our security partners look for ways to outflank us? Would the bad guys be armed enough to thwart our attempts to drive them off consumers' machines?

All great questions. And in the end, we decided that if others could help meet our vision by competing with us, we'd welcome them. We want this ecosystem cleaned up in a way that lets the good players thrive, and we believe the best path to get there is if our future partners and customers find us and our plans credible. So we're sharing as openly and transparently as possible in the hopes that together we'll get it done that much faster.

AppEsteem is born!

Welcome to AppEsteem. We're going to work like crazy to help the software monetization world work safely... and hopefully have a lot of fun with you as we do it.

We can't wait to explain more! But we have to figure it all out, and get ourselves organized, and that will take a little time.

In the meantime, you'll be able to here more about AppEsteem as we present at the following security and monetization industry events:

  1. Serene Risc in Vancouver, BC on 27 April 2016
  2. CARO 2016 in Bucharest, Romania on 20 May 2016
  3. TLV Software Meetup in Tel Aviv, Israel on 8 June 2016
  4. Clean Software Alliance meeting in Mountain View, CA on 16 June 2016


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