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Finally some carrots for clean monetizers!

Today we gave a talk during ASW in Las Vegas, where we presented updates to our Deceptor program, made a pitch for our premium services, and showed some cool monetization opportunities from our partners.

That last piece: the "cool monetization opportunities," is very exciting for us. For a while now we've harped on how our Deceptor program will drive urgency for apps to clean up, but now we're also able to demonstrate some clear wins for clean monetizers.

Both of these monetization opportunities are relying on us to help them get the compliance right. And both of these opportunities will lead to a better and safer world for consumers. We hope both and Blackswan Ventures' EverCore programs will flourish.

Here's a picture of our customers/partner panel talking about the value of our premium service. Thanks David for leading this, and to Amir (Blackswan), Paul (AbeApps), Kyle (SafeBytes), and Bogdan (PC Drivers HQ) for showing their partners and competitors how AppEsteem is helping certified apps to thrive.


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