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Why I care about getting this right

Last night, Dan Shiff from Upclick, Oshrit Aviv from Entero, and I spoke at the e-commerce meetup Tel Aviv. Our three companies offer services to software monetization partners: payments, compliance/strategy, and certifications, so our presentations flowed together nicely.

Oshrit said that I should tell the story of why I care so much about getting the bad guys out of the software monetization space. She said it may inspire more people in the industry to gain the courage it's going to take. And she suggested that since everybody in this industry has known me as "Dennis from Microsoft," that maybe I could explain why I left. That made sense to me, so I prepared the talk, and this was the result... I hope you like it!

(And if you're in this space, I hope you're inspired to get your app/installer sealed!)

Here we are after the talk... thanks to Itai P. for letting us join his meetup, and to Klarna for hosting us!


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