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Why I care about getting this right

Last night, Dan Shiff from Upclick, Oshrit Aviv from Entero, and I spoke at the e-commerce meetup Tel Aviv. Our three companies offer services to software monetization partners: payments, compliance/strategy, and certifications, so our presentations flowed together nicely.

Oshrit said that I should tell the story of why I care so much about getting the bad guys out of the software monetization space. She said it may inspire more people in the industry to gain the courage it's going to take. And she suggested that since everybody in this industry has known me as "Dennis from Microsoft," that maybe I could explain why I left. That made sense to me, so I prepared the talk, and this was the result... I hope you like it!

(And if you're in this space, I hope you're inspired to get your app/installer sealed!)

Here we are after the talk... thanks to Itai P. for letting us join his meetup, and to Klarna for hosting us!


Getting the AVs on board...

In a few hours I will speak to the CARO attendees here in Bucharest, Romania. I'm asking them to support the creation of the safe haven of a clean and sealed app marketplace. You can see the deck here: Destroying unwanted software together.pdf

AppEsteem is offering anti-malware vendors a great value proposition: it's difficult to keep up with the classifications of the software monetization applications, because there are too many bad apples in the bunch. Making it easy for them to know the difference between vendors who have pledged to be clean and those who haven't, and providing them data and support when there are questions, helps the anti-malware vendors provide more value to their customers. Plus it allows them to get even more strict on the dirty players in this industry.

We'll see how it goes... the talk is at 8:30 AM, after a long party night sponsored by Avira... at least it's a fun topic :-)


AppEsteem's first public presentation

Today I had the privilege of presenting AppEsteem's plans at the SERENE-RISC Spring 2016 Workshop in Vancouver, BC.

SERENE-RISC's goal is to improve the general public's awareness of cybersecurity risks and to empower all to reduce those risks through knowledge. This seemed like the perfect place to talk about how AppEsteem is going to help fix the software monetization industry.

Here's the presentation: Saving the software industry from itself.pdf (2.30 mb). The talk seemed well-received :-)

Next step: get the technology side demo-able in time for CARO on 20 May :-)


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