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Announcing the first set of Certified Deceptor Fighters

Dennis Batchelder and Hong Jia

We've completed the first two months of testing how well various antivirus products handle consumer-focused Unwanted Software (UwS) and Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA), and we're pleased to announce that seven AV products are now Certified Deceptor Fighters:

  • Norton Security Standard
  • Avira Internet Security
  • K7 Total Security
  • Panda Dome
  • AVG Internet Security
  • Avast Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security

Our test report can be found here
. We followed AMTSO's Testing Standard v1.1, and you can see our compliance information here. We invite you to read it and use its interactive capabilities to explore more about how AV performed. We'll be updating this report as we process each month's results.

We're proud that many AVs have embraced the urgency to address UwS and PUA, and are working with us to identify, call out, and block deceptive apps, as well as to define the requirements needed to allow them to run undetected. We believe that when AV vendors work together to tackle problems, it's bad news for deceptive apps, and great news for clean app vendors.

About working together: last November we gave a talk at AVAR with a provocative hypothesis: when AV's don't cooperate, cybercrime increasesOur presentation demonstrates what happens with and without a coordinated effort by AVs.

Congratulations to the AVs who got certified!

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