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AV companies: help us help you

We're very proud of the work we're doing to call out deceptive apps. It seems we've found a game changer that drives a lot of urgency in the software monetization industry and gets our security partners excited. Woo hoo!

We want even more AVs to participate, so last week in Krakow, Poland, we made a pitch to the CARO crowd on how our Deceptor feeds could save them time and increase their effectiveness. You can see the presentation here.

The talk got more AVs to agree to consume our feeds, which was great. We can't wait to call out even more deceptive apps for them to review!


It took us almost a year to figure it out and get it working, but now that we've seen what our Deceptor program can do, we've decided to embed it deep into our app certification operations. For instance, when we validate future vendors, we'll require that none of the apps they build, sell, distribute, white label, or monetize are Deceptors. Same with our Better World Network: our certified call centers, payment processors, and installers all will be Deceptor-free.

And what a great world it will be for consumers when the Deceptors are all gone... Thank you, AVs, for joining in and helping raise the urgency to get this problem fixed!


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