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A BIG day - launch of pilot!

(David Finn, COO) 

Today marks a milestone for our customers and partners in the software monetization industry: the launch of the AppEsteem Pilot Program. 

Just six months after we opened our doors, we have certified our very first software application! We reviewed it against the most comprehensive, consumer-protection oriented guidelines ever developed in this industry. As part of the pilot, we’re sending the app to our security partners for a final review. And then it goes live.

So it’s a big day for us. A day we’ll look back on as the beginning of the end for pervasive fraud and consumer deception in the software monetization world.

Next week we’ll certify a few more apps, and we’ll continue to add more each week throughout the pilot. And all throughout the pilot, we’ll work out the kinks in our sealing and monitoring technologies, get our telemetry portal up, and find better and faster ways to publish data to our security partners.

Thank you all who provided so many fantastic ideas and feedback to get us to this point.  And thanks in advance for everything you will do in the future to help further fuel these efforts to remake this industry.

And finally, a special message to our pilot customers and security partners: thank you for your leadership by committing to the premise that clean apps and a thriving business can go hand in hand.

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