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Security Partners: we're open for business :-)

Today at Microsoft's MSRA conference, AppEsteem is announcing that we're finally ready to onboard security partners. It's a great deal: we provide free access to the information they need to protect their customers from PUA, and in return they commit to working with us as they "nudge" our sealed customers back into compliance.

Today we're giving both a review of where we are with our beta/pilot, the learnings and pivots we've made, and our request for support. Here's the deck we're presenting: MSRA security partner pilot review.pdf (1.16 mb)

So far we've gotten lots of positive response from the AVs and browser security teams. They've helped us craft solid guidelines, and provided great feedback on the right technology to use. We're looking forward to a great partnership!

If you're a security partner, a software vendor, or a compliance officer, please come register at our site: --> REGISTER.

(I'm amazed at how far we've come in just three months. Our dev/research team is now 12 strong; we've got a great slate of early customers, and supportive security partners. I can't wait for the day when the software monetization industry is clean and thriving!)

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