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Updated Deceptor Requirements

Just a quick notice that we've updated our Deceptor requirements to address additional areas of consumer abuse.

Here's the requirements that we've promoted to "Deceptor-level" during the month of October. If we find apps failing these (or any) Deceptor requirements, we'll call them out on our Deceptor website.

  1. ACR-046, because we found that apps were making it difficult for consumers to find their disclosures and install options. 
  2. ACR-071, because we found download managers and bundlers "grouping" their offers behind a single accept button, making it impossible for consumers to select them individually.
  3. ACR-086, because we found apps capturing user clicks, searches, and other data from consumers when this wasn't the purpose of the app.
  4. ACR-116, because we found apps were making it difficult for consumers to remove the app
  5. ACR-103, because we found many browser extensions that offered no accessible value beyond changing search or launching existing web pages
  6. ACR-075, because we found download managers and bundlers making offers to consumers, yet failing when installing the carrier app

A big thank you to our security partners for helping us get these requirements right and for agreeing to enforce against violations. Together we'll make downloading apps much safer for everybody.

If you're an app vendor, we know you want to get it right. Please consider registering your app with us. If you register and commit to fixing any Deceptor violations, we'll notify you a month before we tell our security partners about your violations.

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