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Our First Certified App Takes a Bow

(David Finn, COO)

Driver Support proudly announced that its app, Driver Support with Active Optimization, is the first app to be certified by AppEsteem. This sends a signal to consumers, other app developers, platforms, and anti-malware companies that this app is clean and devoid of the kinds of deception and tricks that have become all-too-common features.

When we opened our doors at AppEsteem seven months ago, we did it with the dream that it’s possible to clean up the software monetization industry and help it thrive by embracing clean apps and maintaining an unwavering commitment to consumers.  We made a bet that if we could develop a clear, comprehensive set of certification requirements, the industry would embrace them, and we'd reverse the race to the bottom that has led to so much consumer harm.  Well, we're getting there: we launched the pilot, and now we've got our first partner enthusiastically brandishing our seal. We’re one step closer to our goal!

If you’re interested in working with us to clean up the software monetization industry, please reach out to me directly at We’re committed to this goal, and I'm eager to work with any partners who share it!

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